Clash Royale Tricks

For this new opportunity the day we will present you the best tricks for the fabulous game Clash Royale which has captured the attention of thousands of people from all over the world. Here you will find the tricks from the most basic to the most complex which will provide significant improvements. Here we tell you more details. Download Clash Cheats for Royale.

clash royale tricks

As we told you in previous articles, Clash Royale is a spectacular real – time multiplayer game where you play with people from all over the world. It has innovative ideas about the adventure of the game itself, its characters, and in terms of graphics and sound and gameplay.

But do not panic, will be detailed step by step all you have to perform and how to do it.If you do not have the game yet we suggest you visit the site previous articles so you can download the apk Clash Royale .

You can play with all your friends in an endless super epic battles, funny with lots ofentertainment, action and suspense, because a wrong move can lead to defeat the team. With this walkthrough you will learn the best tactics, strategies and plays so you can defeat all your enemies in record time.

You will also find the easiest way to unlock thousands of new characters like dragons, princesses, Cabelleros of Night and more. In Bond then you will lose you the best tricks for the game from the store Play Store .

How to level up in Clash Royale

When we start playing Clash Royale, we find a bit of uncertainty in the sense that we do not know what we’re playing. Well, the first thing we do is play a tutorial, and then when we are ready, andjumped into the arena at level 1 .

clash royale game review

But how you level up? I mean, that number appears to us in the left uppermost part … We have the following tricks :

  • Join a clan . If you join a clan, you automatically get increase experience points to level up.
  • Dona letters to friends (25). This will reward you with five points of experience + three gemstones.
  • Exceeds arenas . Reaching Sand 2, you will have a reward of five points + three gemstones.
  • Collect 20 cards . You coffers taking 20 letters (for example), you will achieve a total of five points of experience + three gemstones.
  • Watch a fight on TV Royale . With only see a fight on TV Royale (bottom right icon of all), you’ll earn points.

All this, we saw in the previous screen if you click on the logo of the medal . In addition to these tricks, we could raise the King Level otherwise:

  • Leveling up the characters . Making upgrade the characters have to spend coins, but in return we will upload level and step climb our level of Clash Royale king.

By following these tips, you will get up the King Clash Royale level faster . For this last trick, to raise the level of the characters, you need to spend coins, but you can always get them in chests, without having to go through box.

A size as the game progresses, it’s going to cost more up, but we will not have problems, because every time we know play better.

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