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The football players have accustomed us to all kinds of bluster when they manage to score. Wacky dances improbable acrobatics, we were treated to a variety of different celebrations. But the most famous is probably the lifting of the shirt. While Konami developers have said why not incorporate this action in PES 2017 for more realism.

Integrating removed jersey

neymar-pes2017Chez Konami, we know that it’s the little touches that can make a difference to decide PES 2017 FIFA 2017. As this year’s slogan of the 2017 edition of PES is realism. Konami has done everything to bring this simulation as much as possible a real football game. Everything exudes authenticity in this new edition whether facial expressions, decor (arena stage) to which the developers have given more life, lighting, slower pace of play, accurate passes and the system reality control. But a detail that was not lost on developers is being able to take off his shirt. At the trailer released by Konami, we could see Neymar off her jersey in celebration of a goal. It will be possible to make this celebration by simply pressing R3 as confirmed Asim Tanvir. PES became the first football game to integrate this action. As could be expected, this little novelty delighted the fans of PES but some questions loom over possible sanctions.


As already know football fans, removing his jersey is punishable by a yellow card, and this since 2004. FIFA has built a law to prohibit this action because of time losses induced but also because of political messages religious often peddled by the players during that time. And as the referees were treated to a reworked artificial intelligence allowing them to have more sharpened the eye, it is reasonable to ask whether this action will be inconsequential. One of the leaders of Konami, Asim Tanvir, was quick to point out that removing his jersey will be liable to a yellow card to be more in line with reality. So we can celebrate (maybe only for Neymar) a goal by removing his jersey but it will be raised by the referee. And for those who want to enjoy this nice novelty, it is already possible to download pes 2017.

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