Christmas in Madrid

Christmas in Madrid

Madrid can boast many parties with which brighten the streets and welcome the people who come to visit, but few are those that infect many areas of Madrid as the arrival of Christmas .

During these celebrations, lights of all colors flood the city . Streets, squares and buildings are illuminated with millions of lamps that meet the most stringent requirements of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, lighting more but consuming less.

The design of the christmas lights projectors :

Among the proposals we can find lighting decoration designer Angel Schlesser, Hannibal Laguna, Purification Garcia, Ana Locking, besides the architects Sergio Sebastian, Teresa Sapey and Ben Busche and graphic designer Roberto Turégano . They return to “march” as light, through the streets of the city.

A collage of words and symbols, a bright landscape with geometric lines or tree branches that extend through lights yellow and blue colors are thrown on the streets of Madrid stoking the festive spirit of these special dates.

Christmas trees

Artificial fir trees are present at strategic points of the capital walking around the traditional tree and allowing in some cases to cross inside as if it were the entrance to a magical fantasy world.

Dramatic lighting complete with the traditional chain stitches in the great tree – lined boulevards, and the illumination of some major buildings such as the Puerta de Alcalá or Cibeles Palace .