FIFA 17: Ultimate Mode FUT Team Guide

Get the book and notes: here are the best tricks and tips to get the most out of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team mode is practically a game other than FIFA 17 , or so at least it deems EA Sports.Each year, more and more people to the habit of buying and selling players are targeted, as if it were trading cards, and so I will give in this guide some basic tips to initiate you into this journey.

First of all, we recommend that you go by guides Career Mode , of how to attack and defend better and configuration controls and cameras , then you will be very useful in your early stages with this release. FUT in this guide will help you get more coins and gifts and will have easier access to help when creating your template. FIFA 17 Hack

Defines a base template to create

Obviously, when we start Ultimate Team will not have from the beginning the team of our dreams; that is something we will achieve over time. At first, the best we can do is think about what kind of template to create: they are all the same league players of the same nationality or a hybrid of both.

In FIFA 17, the chemistry is very important because the greater the interpenetration of your team, your players will perform better. The maximum is 100 and chemical to achieve this, is influenced by several factors such as those mentioned championship and country. Having a set plagued cracks that have no relationship negatively influence the pitch.

In our case, we usually always create first a Spanish Laliga as it has quite cheap players and good value, although Russian, Italian and Turkish leagues are very interesting too. To get an idea of how it would be, simply generate a conceptual template and go until placing stickers to taste. Obviously we can not practice with it, will serve nothing but to make a visual representation.

We advise that during the first days of the release of the game, not fichéis many players in the market transferable, as their prices are somewhat inflated and fall over time. And keep a second team is critical, if you do not want to spend your coins in physical form letters or injury. Take care of your team in all aspects, have enough contracts (always applied to the letter a contract of the same color) and power training skills with their attributes.

One final note regarding contracts: if we signed several managers of gold in the same league, see Simeone, Luis Enrique or Zidane for example, when implementing a new contract to our player will receive an extra bonus as it is effective for more game. Astuce FIFA 17

To get coins quickly and effectively, if we enter the catalog EASFC we can unlock very attractive improvements to our Ultimate Team. Depending on the EASFC level, we will receive aid up to 1000 extra coins per game, up to a total of 10 or 15. This is not unlimited, but we will gain a huge amount of coins only disputing parties. He challenge the team of the week we additionally provide a good rush of our own, always choosing a higher level of difficulty.

Another way to get them is ‘tradeando’ players. For example, EA Sports often organizes tournaments with rewards succulent which imposes nationality requirements: at that time, certain players are sold more expensive than their usual price, pudiéndonos lucrarnos of the situation to get us an extra. Also, if we are attentive to market movements, we can leverage to buy cheap players then reselling them at a higher cost. The benefits are very high, the problem is that you need time to learn all the ins and outs ‘tradeo’.

In addition, participate in FUT Draft reward you very pleasantly if you are of those who usually win games in this mode. The final awards give us quite expensive envelopes and having a little luck, we will touch things that can benefit from its sale. Of course, I do not advise you expend coins in gold envelopes Store, since the percentage of letters that appear discard is higher to leave us a Griezmann or Kun Aguero.

FUT Champions Challenge and creating templates

The biggest news for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team this season are two game modes, FUT Champions Challenge and creating templates. In the first, the premise is clear, just to play games during weekdays with your FUT team and earn enough to qualify in the tournament weekend. If we win, we will access to the monthly final Champions FUT to try to conquer it. Depending on how far we have come, we will even more attractive rewards in FUT Draft, I would strongly advise you to participate in it.

Regarding the challenge of creating templates, weekly EA Sports we propose a series of challenges which, filling a team under a tax requirements, obtain envelopes, coins, trading cards equipaciones and even special players. Keep in mind that the entire set of letters made to that challenge, will be lost forever, so we must value at all times if we are interested or not.

Download FIFA 17 Companion on your Android or iOS

Perhaps this trick does not know many people, but if you access daily FIFA 17 Ultimate Team from the application FIFA 17 Companion on your smartphone we give away envelopes and coins. This is something temporary, but during other times of the year EA again offering free content, so attentive. The app also serves to manage everything related to your club or interact with the market transferable. Here are the links to Google Play and iTunes for download.

From Game reactor we wish you luck in your journey with Ultimate Team. Do not forget help of this guide in your early, leave your suggestions for other readers and stay tuned for how it evolves this mode. Arm yourself your true “Ultimate Team” without external aid is a real challenge.

BTD5 Hacked and Unlocked for Unlimited Mochicoins

btd 5 hacked Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an addictive and engaging game where the player attempts to burst different bloons colors. Make no mistake these various bloons have a different level of difficulty in bursting them up. While one may be easy and effortless to eliminate, another one having a different color may not be that easy and simple to eliminate from the game. So watch out!

No matter how difficult and complicated a bloon may be to destroy, it does become easy and effortless when you are equipped with an unlimited amount of mochicoins with which you can use to buy game upgrades which will enhance your chances of eliminating them easily. Now that we have discovered how to easily eliminate the different bloons let’s now talk about the different ways that we can acquire ample mochicoins that will help us achieve this feat.

Accessing BTD5 Hacked APK File for Unlimited Mochicoins

There are two primary means of getting these resources to help increase your chances of winding in the game of Bloons Tower 5. The first method has to do with accessing, downloading, installing and making use of btd5 hacked apk file which is fully and completely unlocked to offer unlimited amount of coins. In case the first method is not very convenient for you, there is a second backup method which has to do with making use of online generator tools to generate these coins in surplus quantities.

Now that have known what the different methods in getting unlimited amount of coins is, let’s now learn about what these methods entail one after the other beginning from the first one.

Making Use of Hacked APK file

As already hinted in the above paragraphs, downloading, installing and making use of btd5 hacked file is one of the two ways of getting mochicoins in unlimited amount. But to get these coins in desirable amount, you will have first to find websites that are offering these unlocked apk file.

You should be careful when looking for these websites because not every site out there that claims to offer it actually does offer what they claim. Some even go as far as having viruses embedded in their files so that they can gain unauthorized remote access to your devices. This revelation means that you have two things to watch out for a while conducting your search for unlocked btd5 APK file.

The first is to make sure that they offer what the claim and the second is to ensure that whatever file you end up downloading is not infected with a virus which can get your device damaged.

Making Use of Online Generator

If you are not too comfortable downloading files from the internet originating from sources that you have not heard about for fear of getting your device infected with virus then this second method might just be right for you. In this method, you are required only to make use of free online generators that are always seen on most game hack sites to generate unlimited amount of coins that you want. With this method, the threat of virus infection that’s associated with the first method discussed above is completely eliminated.


PES 2017 konami agreement fc barcelone

The football players have accustomed us to all kinds of bluster when they manage to score. Wacky dances improbable acrobatics, we were treated to a variety of different celebrations. But the most famous is probably the lifting of the shirt. While Konami developers have said why not incorporate this action in PES 2017 for more realism.

Integrating removed jersey

neymar-pes2017Chez Konami, we know that it’s the little touches that can make a difference to decide PES 2017 FIFA 2017. As this year’s slogan of the 2017 edition of PES is realism. Konami has done everything to bring this simulation as much as possible a real football game. Everything exudes authenticity in this new edition whether facial expressions, decor (arena stage) to which the developers have given more life, lighting, slower pace of play, accurate passes and the system reality control. But a detail that was not lost on developers is being able to take off his shirt. At the trailer released by Konami, we could see Neymar off her jersey in celebration of a goal. It will be possible to make this celebration by simply pressing R3 as confirmed Asim Tanvir. PES became the first football game to integrate this action. As could be expected, this little novelty delighted the fans of PES but some questions loom over possible sanctions.


As already know football fans, removing his jersey is punishable by a yellow card, and this since 2004. FIFA has built a law to prohibit this action because of time losses induced but also because of political messages religious often peddled by the players during that time. And as the referees were treated to a reworked artificial intelligence allowing them to have more sharpened the eye, it is reasonable to ask whether this action will be inconsequential. One of the leaders of Konami, Asim Tanvir, was quick to point out that removing his jersey will be liable to a yellow card to be more in line with reality. So we can celebrate (maybe only for Neymar) a goal by removing his jersey but it will be raised by the referee. And for those who want to enjoy this nice novelty, it is already possible to download pes 2017.

Get unending source of entertainment with film streaming

First of all, movies transport you to a world of make-believe, which is very important to de-stress and relax. Everyone loves to watch movies whatever their age may be. Vidmate has brought different genres of movies like drama, comedy, romantic, action or children’s movies appeal to different sections of the crowd.

install vidmate

But overall, the content of the movie you watch must be suitable to your age. Movies transport you to a world of make-believe, which is very important to de-stress and relax. Everyone loves to watch movies on vidmate whatever their age may be. Different genres of movies like drama, comedy, romantic, action or children’s movies appeal to different sections of the crowd.

But overall, the content of the movie you watch must be suitable to your age. Older teenagers above the age of sixteen can watch film 16 streaming which are ideal for their age group. You can also watch film en streaming which interests you and your whole family right at your home and there is no need to go out to watch movies.

Technology of streaming video has made film viewing enjoyable just like that in a movie hall.Movie watching experience has undergone a sea change with film en streaming. This ensures you can start watching the film right after hitting the download button without waiting for total download of the file. Playback is possible just as file opens and download and playback happens simultaneously. This saves a lot of time and money as you spend less on internet usage. Movie sites offer a wide array of films, which are certified as per content. Film certification boards of various countries certify the age limit for viewing certain films.

3D Movies on Vidmate

You should be cautious that young children are not around when you watch film 16 streaming.Film en streaming is very convenient as advanced technology allows you to forward and rewind within the video file. For undisturbed and good quality streaming you require internet of higher bandwidth. If internet speed is slow video quality will be compromised with. Streaming video files are perfect for playback and not for storing on your hard disk. Websites showcasing film 16 streaming are a treasure house of information. Not only movies, you can watch documentaries, short films, television series, music videos, videos of memorable sporting events and so on. Classic films by award winning directors are also available on such sites.Film en streaming is available in different formats. Starting from normal movie or standard definition to HD or high definition to 3D and 3D-Blu-Ray format – all can be downloaded.

The movie websites Vidmate have categories for old classics, movies by particular actors, movies in foreign languages etc.

Some sites offer original French film 16 streaming with English subtitle for pleasurable viewing. Sites for film streaming also contain popular games and you can download them for the extra kick.Apart from film en streaming various other means of entertainment are offered by these websites. You can read bestselling books and journals in e-book format. Sports and other entertainment programs like reality shows can be viewed with entire family too. For music buffs the choices are endless, classical, modern, rock or pop whatever be your choice you will find the list running long. Not only film 16 streaming, non-feature films and biopic are also a great favourite among viewers. Read the short description on the movie theme, learn about the cast and director and then select movies that appeal the most. Your wait for wholesome comprehensive entertainment is now over.

Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Reliable Flashlight

good tactical flashlights

Flight lights are a great companion on a day to day basis especially for those that occasionally come across or must walk through dark alleys on their way to and from works. Notwithstanding the type you are using whether rechargeable, EDC or the brightest tactical flashlight can help make a dark or poorly lighted place illuminate. If you are reading this article and have little or no idea what flashlights are then we strongly suggest that you keep reading to familiarize yourself with what a Led light is, the different types available and their numerous advantages.

Advantages of Flashlights

There are numerous benefits of flashlights that highlighting all on this page will practically be impossible. However we will try our best in highlighting some of the major benefits of flashlights.

Prevent Foot bump – it is very easy to hit your foot hard on a sharp object and sustain foot injury when you are not seeing clearly where it is that you are headed. But with a reliable flashlight firmly in your grip and its bright beam directed in front of where you are going, it then becomes very easy for you to effortlessly evade any sharp object lying around from bumping your foot against. A lot of accident has been triggered as a mere result of people groping in darkness without a clear sight of where it is that they are going and what it is that is positioned right in their middle of their path.

Safety – the use of flashlights can also help in ensuring your safety! Assuming there is an attacker coming towards you, you can easily buy yourself ample time to escape from the potential attacker by directing the powerful beam of your EDC flight right into their eyes and getting them temporarily blinded. Take a moment to reflect what your plight would have been being in such condition and not having a flashlight handy.

Assist in Reading – reading in a room with a poor lighting condition is among the many reasons why people develop eye defect. When you find yourself in a poorly lighted room, your led light can help brighten the atmosphere for better visibility and clarity which adds up to help improve your reading condition in terms of how bright the environment is.

Factors to Consider when getting a new Flashlight or Replacing an Old One…

Size: size is only important if you intend to go with your gadget on an everyday basis. You should choose a model that is big enough to produce bight beams and also small enough to fit into your pocket, hand or handbag.

Power Source: you should carefully here! If you are in an area with very limited electric power supply then you will want to stay away from rechargeable flashlight. If electricity is pretty steady where you reside then opting for the models fitted with rechargeable batteries would be consider ideal. For those always on the move, you should choose the models with dry cell battery as their primary source and make conscious effort to always have 3-5 replacement sets of battery handy.

جدیدترین اخبار روز ایران و دنیا

با توجه به افزایش سایت های خبری و علاقه کاربران ایرانی به آنها، جستجوگر «خبر ایرانی» با هدف آسان شدن دسترسی کاربران به محتوای مفید سایت های خبری  توسط تیمی از افراد نخبه فناوری و ارتباطات ایران راه اندازی شد.

خبر ایرانی اخبار کاملی از محتوای روز و دسته بندی شده اینترنت را که شمال جدیدترین اخبار روز ایران و دنیا میشود با موضوعات ورزشی و سیاسی و مذهبی و تصاویر و خواندنی و سلامت و فرهنگ و جامعه و گردشگری و اخبار روز ایران و کامپیوتر و اینترنت در اختیار خوانندگان عزیز قرار میدهد.

«خبر ایرانی» یک جستجوگر و موتور هوشمند خبری است که بصورت خودکار ده ها هزار خبر را روزانه از سایت های خبری دریافت می کند و با استفاده از جدیدترین و پیشرفته ترین روش های هوش مصنوعی خبر ها را طبقه بندی کرده، و خبرهای مرتبط را در سایت های خبری شناسایی می کند.

یکی از مهمترین اصول اولیه خبر ایرانی توجه به نیاز کاربران است. هبچ کدام از بخش هایی که در خبر فارسی وجود دارند، بدون نظرات و ایده های کاربران به شکل فعلی بوجود نمی آمدند. ما به نظرات و ایده های کاربران بسیار احترام می گزاریم و به همه آنها به دقت گوش می دهیم.

«خبر ایرانی» وابسته به هیچ حزب و گروه سیاسی نیست.هیچگونه خبری توسط خبر فارسی ایجاد نمی شود و متن خبرهای دریافتی به هیچ عنوان عوض نمی گردند.امکان هیچ دخالتی انسانی در دریافت، طبقه بندی، پردازش و چینش اخبار وجود ندارد. به عنوان مثال جدیدترین خبرهای داغ که در صفحات اصلی سایت نمایش داده می شوند با استفاده از الگوریتم های مختلف شناسایی و اولویت بندی شده و به کاربران نمایش داده می شوند.

سایت «خبر ایرانی» به کاربران کمک می کند تا از بین دها سایت خبری و ده ها هزار خبر، خبرهای مورد علاقه خود را در زمان کمتری و براحتی بیابند. کاربران برای مشاهده متن کامل خبرها به سایت منتشر کننده خبر هدایت می شوند و این کار باعث افزایش تعداد بازدیدکنندگان سایت های خبری و همچنین افزایش رتبه آنها در مقایسه با سایر سایت ها می شود.

معیارهایی که برای انتخاب سایت های خبری تحت پوشش در نظر گرفته می شوند، عبارتند از:

  • تعداد خبرهای تولیدی اصلی توسط خود سایت
  • تعداد بازدیدکنندگان سایت و کاربران علاقه مند به موضوعات منتشر شده در سایت
  • امکان فنی فهرست نویسی جستجوگر از سایت خبری
  • تولید خبرهای تخصصی در زمینه ای خاص

کاربران می توانند آدرس سایت های خبری را جهت بررسی به آدرس ارسال نمایند.

Watch Avatar The Last Airbender Online To Catch The Swashbuckling Anime Characters

For Discussion submissions, please use the following link syntax: DISC name of manga (chapter#) or (general questions: who’s your favorite character? These games include action games like fighting, wrestling, star wars, military operations etcThese games also provide a realistic environment together with extreme graphics and rich sound quality. On the other hand, it could also mean less pressure on you because you can leave the program to the clown as he usually prepares fun games and other activities to make the kids entertained and thrilled all throughout the party. With over 1,000 flash game titles and growing we have the largest collection of cool games for kids online. Most Flash games feel a lot more ‘fun’ and ‘casual’ due to the nature of knowing you can get back to where you were fairly easily.

Action” is obviously an awful, vague, meaningless category that could be applied to just about everything except for turn-based games. For electronics items, you can’t go wrong with MP3 players, digital cameras, handheld games and video game consoles. People are excited to play the games because they have a nice interface and there is a lot of enjoyment and pleasure which people enjoy and they are pleased enough to play the games such as dragon city hacking.

Black Lagoon is mainly known for its awesome female characters and high impact, over-the-top action sequences. Bavelier’s team is currently investigating which characteristics in action video games are key to boost players’ learning. This list features action-packed games with amazing gameplay and stunning graphics. He knocks Gohan to the ground, leaving Supreme Kai vulnerable to Buu’s assault. The game is just an amazing experience and in line with what Mincraft and other games have to offer in terms of creative freedom.

Asphalt 8 hack technique

Free Csr racing 2 Gold

The asphalt 8 hack techniques is one thing that individuals continue seeking every day in order u to know how to locate a decent one that can set them free from making buys in the online tool when they don’t have stars and tokens enough for the season. Possibly you have questioned our friends who play the game on if there is a technique to hack asphalt 8, and they say they don’t have the foggiest idea. You believe that the racing game is a troublesome one and can’t be effortlessly passed without an approach to swindle. You might not be right and right the same time. Simply visit asphalt 8 latest hack site after reading this short article.

Tricking in asphalt 8 is not fitting on the off chance that you need to end up an racing game coach. In my place, there are individuals that offer there help to show others how to play a specific hard racing game or the other. In this way, in the event that you generally cheat, you will need to demonstrate to them that, which is super awful. Be that as it may, when you are great in playing recreations regardless of how hard it is, you will be known as master.

On the off chance that regardless you need to continue bamboozling, then you have to open our eyes, mind, and wide and realize that the main online device for the online tool is found in this asphalt 8 hack site.

At the very site, you will see that it is the thing that individuals have been utilizing for distributing credits and stars and tokens in asphalt 8 with no compelling reason to pay the producer of the online tool for this. You will realize that the online tool is extremely spellbinding to go ahead with, on the off chance that you have very great number of things present on your device. It is one of those recreations that individuals like to introduce and get any android upgrade with no trepidation of getting in terrible circumstances. Furthermore, with a decent hack, you are certain of turning into a legend in the game.

Christmas in Madrid

Christmas in Madrid

Madrid can boast many parties with which brighten the streets and welcome the people who come to visit, but few are those that infect many areas of Madrid as the arrival of Christmas .

During these celebrations, lights of all colors flood the city . Streets, squares and buildings are illuminated with millions of lamps that meet the most stringent requirements of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, lighting more but consuming less.

The design of the christmas lights projectors :

Among the proposals we can find lighting decoration designer Angel Schlesser, Hannibal Laguna, Purification Garcia, Ana Locking, besides the architects Sergio Sebastian, Teresa Sapey and Ben Busche and graphic designer Roberto Turégano . They return to “march” as light, through the streets of the city.

A collage of words and symbols, a bright landscape with geometric lines or tree branches that extend through lights yellow and blue colors are thrown on the streets of Madrid stoking the festive spirit of these special dates.

Christmas trees

Artificial fir trees are present at strategic points of the capital walking around the traditional tree and allowing in some cases to cross inside as if it were the entrance to a magical fantasy world.

Dramatic lighting complete with the traditional chain stitches in the great tree – lined boulevards, and the illumination of some major buildings such as the Puerta de Alcalá or Cibeles Palace .

How to decor your office!!!

Are you innovative? Want to be different from others! Want a working place which will be different from the others? What makes your office different from the others? Just make a close thought over this. You will find several I am sure. There are certain factors which can add a new dimension to your office.

People who start new business tend to have an office with the cheaper price for certain times. After achieving success and the stability, people want to improve everything. The most important place for the working people is office after home. It should be well decorated so that the work satisfaction comes after the whole efforts you are putting into this. To bring a sophisticated and executive look in the office, you should use executive desks office furniture and other things.

executive furniture

Some ideas of having a gorgeous post are given below:

Different design for various sections:

If you do not want to go with a traditional style, you can select different design for the different section of your office. The design should be matched with the designation of the employer. The chamber of CEO and the chamber of an ordinary manager have to be different. The more rank of the designation the more office space should be allocated to them, and the other stuff is also should be chosen accordingly.

Use of glass:

Use of glass to partition the chambers brings a very dynamic look in an office. Using transparent glass, you can also monitor the works of the employee very easily.

Appropriate furniture:

Choosing appropriate furniture for the different chamber and room is also a great challenge to decorate an office. In the chamber of CEO and Managing Director sophisticated furniture should be used. For the executive and other employees executive office furniture is must. This kind of furniture is smart to use in an office. It saves the space and brings a beautiful look to an office.

Larger space:

If you want to make a beautiful office, there is no better idea than owning a large space. In a vast area, you can utilize the things and your idea of having a beautiful office in an easier way. The people who work in a large space, the productivity rate of them is greater than who work in a conjusted place.

Entertainment zone:

Setting up an entertainment zone and equip it with different things can add an extra gorgeous look in your office. People who work in your office can use this place as the place of relaxation.

Smoking zone:

You can separate a small and open place for the smoker so that they can’t contaminate the place with air pollution and make others feel uncomfortable.


A complete office must have a cafeteria. People have to spend much time in an office. So a complete cafeteria is needed to fulfill the needs of foods and drinks.

So to get a beautiful and gorgeous office you can add these things to the list of open up a new office.

Clash Royale Tricks

For this new opportunity the day we will present you the best tricks for the fabulous game Clash Royale which has captured the attention of thousands of people from all over the world. Here you will find the tricks from the most basic to the most complex which will provide significant improvements. Here we tell you more details. Download Clash Cheats for Royale.

clash royale tricks

As we told you in previous articles, Clash Royale is a spectacular real – time multiplayer game where you play with people from all over the world. It has innovative ideas about the adventure of the game itself, its characters, and in terms of graphics and sound and gameplay.

But do not panic, will be detailed step by step all you have to perform and how to do it.If you do not have the game yet we suggest you visit the site previous articles so you can download the apk Clash Royale .

You can play with all your friends in an endless super epic battles, funny with lots ofentertainment, action and suspense, because a wrong move can lead to defeat the team. With this walkthrough you will learn the best tactics, strategies and plays so you can defeat all your enemies in record time.

You will also find the easiest way to unlock thousands of new characters like dragons, princesses, Cabelleros of Night and more. In Bond then you will lose you the best tricks for the game from the store Play Store .

How to level up in Clash Royale

When we start playing Clash Royale, we find a bit of uncertainty in the sense that we do not know what we’re playing. Well, the first thing we do is play a tutorial, and then when we are ready, andjumped into the arena at level 1 .

clash royale game review

But how you level up? I mean, that number appears to us in the left uppermost part … We have the following tricks :

  • Join a clan . If you join a clan, you automatically get increase experience points to level up.
  • Dona letters to friends (25). This will reward you with five points of experience + three gemstones.
  • Exceeds arenas . Reaching Sand 2, you will have a reward of five points + three gemstones.
  • Collect 20 cards . You coffers taking 20 letters (for example), you will achieve a total of five points of experience + three gemstones.
  • Watch a fight on TV Royale . With only see a fight on TV Royale (bottom right icon of all), you’ll earn points.

All this, we saw in the previous screen if you click on the logo of the medal . In addition to these tricks, we could raise the King Level otherwise:

  • Leveling up the characters . Making upgrade the characters have to spend coins, but in return we will upload level and step climb our level of Clash Royale king.

By following these tips, you will get up the King Clash Royale level faster . For this last trick, to raise the level of the characters, you need to spend coins, but you can always get them in chests, without having to go through box.

A size as the game progresses, it’s going to cost more up, but we will not have problems, because every time we know play better.

Download tips and tricks for Clash Royale at:-

How to Grow Hair Faster By Eating The Right Diet

food that makes hair grow fasterMany of us dream of long hair, some manage to get a nice length without too much difficulty, and others including myself, it’s a bit more complicated, so I decided to list all the good tips so we managed to have all this beautiful mane goddess as desired! So to “long hair”, long section, go!


Our hair are continuously renewed, their life cycle being an average of 3 years in humans. For women it is longer: the duration varies between 4 and 6 years. During this period, each hair grows unabated. When he dies, he is replaced by another. The interesting to note is that the dead ones don’t immediately fall off our head. It still expects two or three months, until the new hair is pervasive enough to chase the hair follicle permanently.

The Different Phases in Hair Growth


Anagen phase

Growth phase (duration: 2 to 5 years, according to sex and individuals). The hair is full of life, its growth is constant and regular keratin, its root fills the hair follicle to the base.


Degradation phase (duration: 15 to 20 days).

The hair is between life and death. Its root dates back to the epidermis and the activity of the latter suddenly stops. The hair then continues to grow but will not leave as long he has to wait over.

Telogen Phase

Resting phase (duration: 2-3 months).

Unlike the previous occurrence, this time around the hair falls off when its dead just like a leaf in autumn. But still on his head, until the root of his replacement is strong enough to dislodge.


The young regrowth reaches the surface of the scalp and the old hair falls of itself.

New Anagen Phase

The new hair begins to grow: we will be starting at 0.

The number of genetically programmed hair cycles of five to thirty came in total, for a lifetime. The hair growth speed is dependent on each individual’s different ethnicity and “genetic program”. Thus, for a Caucasian, hair grows on average 1 cm / month for an African type of 0.8 cm / month for an Asian type, 1.5 cm / month. Hair growth also depends on the secretion of sex hormones blood borne.

Finally, the changing seasons affect hair growth. In summer, the growth is driven by the sun unlike the winter and fall, when all this mechanism is more latency.

Be realistic in your expectations. There is no foolproof way or to grow your hair. You cannot force your hair to grow faster than the natural rate, all you can do is take good care of them and provide them with optimal conditions. Except in rare circumstances, the hair grows up to 15 to 20 cm per year when their growth is optimal.

If your hair actually reach the bottom of your face (chin for example) and you want them to grow up below your shoulders, so take a tape measure and measure the space between where your hair are present and of the desired length. If you want them to grow 15 cm to reach the desired length, expect to wait 10-12 months for your hair to grow to the length of your lens.

The natural hair growth mainly depends on genetics, which is different for everyone. Growing your hair involves a personal commitment to take good care of your hair and especially to have a lot of patience!

Make sure that if your hair grows slowly, it is not for medical reasons or because of a medication you are taking. In some cases, a slow hair growth or a significant loss of hair can be due to an underlying disease or prolonged, certain prescription drugs, eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, too much stress, others serious medical situations. If you think the problem may be one of these reasons, see a doctor immediately to find a suitable treatment for your problem.

In many cases, solving an underlying medical problem can help to regain normal rhythm or faster hair growth.

Food That Helps Grow Hair Faster.

food that makes hair grow faster

Eating right is very essential to proper and rapid hair growth. In short, diet is very important when you want to have beautiful long hair, shiny, coated, resistant to breakage etc etc … So be mindful of your nutrition. Some foods are recommended to promote hair growth.

Eat salmon:

Excellent source of protein and vitamin D (both are essential for strong hair), salmon is rich in omega 3, which are essential fatty acids for healthy hair. Omega 3 is about 3.5% of the hair shaft and is also found in the cell membranes of the scalp and the natural fats that keep the hair and scalp hydrated.

If you do not like salmon, you can also find essential fatty acids in other fish such as sardines, trout, mackerel or herring, but also lawyers and pumpkin seeds.

Eat nuts:

Walnuts are exclusively known as the single nuts that contain a substantial amount of omega 3. They are also rich in biotin and vitamin E, which help protect cells from DNA damage. Nuts also contain copper ore that help protect and improve the wealth of color and natural shine of your hair.

Try using walnut oil in your salad dressings or to return your food.

Eat oysters:

Oysters are high in zinc. A lack of zinc can lead to hair loss (or eyelashes), create dandruff and dry scalp. One hundred grams of oysters contain only five times your daily requirements for zinc. The oysters are also good sources of protein.

We also find zinc in beef, eggs, nuts, fortified cereals and whole-meal bread.

Eat sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are known to be a superb source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant transformed into vitamin A by our body. Vitamin A stimulates the production of fats that hydrate and protect the scalp. A lack of vitamin A can dry the scalp and cause itching and dandruff.

Other natural sources of beta carotene include: carrots, apricots, mango and pumpkin.

Eat spinach:

Spinach is THE super food that contains follates and vitamin C, iron, beta-carotene, which combine to keep the hair follicles healthy and circulating fat scalp. If you do not like spinach, try eating vegetables like leaves, rich in nutrients such as kale, chard or broccoli.

Eat lentils:

They are full of zinc, biotin, protein, iron, and are a staple food for vegetarians, vegans and carnivores.

Eat Greek yogurt:

Greek yogurt is rich in beneficial to the hair protein, vitamin B5 (or pantothenic acid), other foods where you can find the cheese is low fat and skim milk.

Eat blueberries:

Bilberry is a super fruit with many health benefits, but its high content of vitamin C that will help us to keep hair in great shape. Vitamin C stimulates blood circulation, which is essential for the transport of small blood vessels required to maintain proper health of hair scalp and follicles. Without enough vitamin C, the hair become fragile and brittle.

Eat Eggs:

Eggs are a good source of protein and contain four essential minerals: zinc, selenium, sulfur and iron. Iron is very important because it helps cells carry oxygen to the hair follicles and a lack of iron can cause anemia, which is a major cause of hair loss, especially in women.

You can also find iron in meat, such as beef, chicken, pork, but also in fish.

Eat Poultry:

Poultry is ideal to provide the protein, in addition to providing zinc, iron and B vitamins that help maintain strong and thick hair. Since hair is almost entirely made up of proteins, protein foods are literally the basic foundation for beautiful hair.

Lean beef pieces are a good source of protein. But our vegetarian friends and / or vegans can also be found in cereals (oats, wheat, bulgur, millet, barley, quinoa, wild rice, rye …) and legumes (lentils, beans, peas, split peas, chickpeas, soybeans).

Drink more water

Hydration plays an important role in hair growth, it is advisable to drink 1.5 liters a day but that’s not really enough, so try to drink at least two liters of water a day. If it’s too hot, drink three liters (in summer it is easy to drink without realizing it really matters). This is a very simple method that will bring you many benefits, and hydrate your organs, your skin, and your hair. If you do not like too much water, drink cold herbal teas or smoothies.